128 Assorted Coin Preformed Wrappers Rolls – Quarters, Pennies, Nickels and Dimes (128 Assorted)


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Make coin wrapping easy with the preformed Kraft paper coin wrappers. One end of the wrapper is crimped for easy filling by hand or by coin sorting machine. Each coin wrapper is color coded containing the denomination and roll total for easy recognition. Coin wrappers are made from heavyweight Kraft paper for added security.


  • 128 Assorted rolls: 32 Quarters, 32 Pennies, 32 Nickels and 32 Dimes.
  • To keep the rolls safe from crushing.
  • Great for hand filling or automatic coin counter machines
  • The easiest and safest way to seal our coin wrappers.
  • For our firm crimped end coin wrappers we use ABA color-coded, double wrapped, kraft 60lb. paper.


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